Drive Engine  1.0.0
Plateforme de reconstruction 3D
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CDefaultCalibrationInfoListDefault implementation of a CalibrationInfoList.
 CDefaultFeature2DListDefault implementation of the feature 2D list.
 CDefaultFeature2DListOfListDefault implementation of the feature 2D list of list.
 CDefaultFeature3DCloudDefault implementation of a Feature3DCloud.
 CDefaultImageListDefault implementation of the images list.
 CDefaultMatchDefault implementation of a match.
 CDefaultMatchListDefault implementation of the list of matches.
 CDefaultParameterListDefault implementation of the parameters list.
 CDefaultPosition2DListDefault implementation of the feature 2D list.
 CDynamicLibraryManagerManager to load dynamically functions from external dynamic libraries
 CDynamicLibraryManagerExceptionException for signalling dynamic library manager errors.
 CDynamicLibraryRecord(Internal class) Dynamic library record
 CExceptionManager(Internal class) Manager for framework exceptions
 CExportableFactoryThe exportable object factory
 CICalibrationThe camera calibration interface. It computes camera matrix.
 CICalibrationInfoThe camera matrix datatype interface.
 CICalibrationInfoListThe calibration info list interface.
 CICalibrationInfoListPairThe camera matrix pair interface.
 CICollectionThe collection interface
 CIColorThe color datatype interface.
 CIConstEnumeratorThe constant enumerator interface
 CIDatatypeThe datatype interface
 CIDescriptorThe feature descriptor datatype interface.
 CIDictionnaryThe dictionnary interface
 CIEnumeratorThe enumerator interface
 CIExceptionInterface for every exception related to the framework
 CIFeature2DThe 2D feature datatype interface
 CIFeature2DListInterface of list of 2D feature for a specific image
 CIFeature2DListOfListInterface of list of list of 2D features for a specific image
 CIFeature3DThe 3D feature datatype interface
 CIFeature3DCloudA Cloud of 3D features
 CIFeature3DCloudPairThe pair interface for feature 3D cloud.
 CIFeaturesDetectionThe features detection interface. It detects the position of features on an image.
 CIFeaturesExtractionThe feature extraction interface. It extracts the features from their positions on an image.
 CIFrameworkExceptionInterface for every exception signalling framework errors
 CIImageThe image datatype interface
 CIImageListInterface of list of images.
 CIIntegerNumberParameterThe integer number parameter datatype interface
 CIListThe list interface
 CILogicalParameterThe logical parameter datatype interface
 CIMatchThe match interface
 CIMatchingThe feature matching interface. It match the features from different images who represent the same feature.
 CIMatchListThe match list interface.
 CIMatchPairThe match list interface.
 CIMeshingThe meshing interface. It creates the mesh from a 3D cloud, that is a 3D object.
 CIObject3DThe 3D object datatype interface.
 CIParameterThe parameter datatype interface
 CIParameterListList of parameters. Used to configure module implementations.
 CIPosition2DThe 2D position datatype interface
 CIPosition2DListInterface of list of 2D position for a specific image
 CIPosition3DThe 3D position datatype interface
 CIPreconditionExceptionInterface for every exception signalling precondition errors.
 CIRealNumberParameterThe real number parameter datatype interface
 CITextParameterThe text parameter datatype interface
 CITriangulationThe triangulation interface. It triangulate matched features to estimate theirs positions in 3D space.
 CPreconditionThe precondition utilities
 CPreconditionExceptionInternal exception for signalling precondition errors.
 CStringUtilitiesString utilities.
 CIExportableThe main interface
 CIModuleThe module interface. Every kind of algorithm (and algorithm) used in the reconstruction pipeline must inherit this interface.
 CITexturingThe texturing interface. It apply a material to a 3D object.